If you have not yet turned in your Final Project.


Dear Student,

If you have not yet turned in your Final Project. It is due by 6pm Monday 12/14/15. Late projects will NOT be accepted.

Project Files and Instructions Here:

Please read and follow the instructions CAREFULLY. If you don’t understand something, or are not sure, get in touch with me IMMEDIATELY. My contact info is below. DO NOT TEXT ME!

If you forgot know how to use curves in Media Composer, search on YouTube first, then call me if you still need help.
If you don’t know what a split edit or a cutaway reaction shot is (they are NOT the same), again, YouTube it first, then call me, if you need to.

Good luck.

James Reid VanVoris
Miami Dade College
School of Entertainment & Design Technology
11380 NW 27th Ave, Room 2235
Miami, FL 33167
Office: 305-237-1886
Dept.:  305-237-1696
Cell: 786-406-0148
email: jvanvori@mdc.edu
By JamesReidVanVoris