Avid Media Composer Editing Techniques


Watch the Movies below for Avid Media Composer Editing Tips

Splice, Overwrite, and 3-Point Editing

Removing Shots with Extract and Lift

Using Extract/Splice and Lift/Overwrite together

Use the Smart tool to move and trim shots

Ripple Trim Tool

Roll Trim Tool

Using Sync Locks in Media Composer

Syncing Dual System Sound


Top and TailUse the following footage to cut the Handicapped John scene and the Delicious Peace PSA.

  1. Name the Handicapped John scene lastnamefirstinitial_HJ and name the PSA project lastnamefirstinitial_DP.
  2. Zip the project folder for each and email to me at jvanvori@mdc.edu with “yourname HJ and DP” in the subject line

If you have access to the Internet, download these files to your hard drive before coming to room 2136.

Click here to download the Handicapped John footage

Click here to download the Delicious Peace footage





By JamesReidVanVoris

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