Compositing & Graphics – 10/21/15


Watch the movies below to prepare for the Assignment below

Working with Photoshop Files in Media Composer

Video Mixdown vs. Collapse

Basic Titling in Marquee

3D Titles in Marquee

Flying 3D Titles in Marquee

Bachelor Bumper

Marquee Auto-Titler

ASSIGNMENT –  Due at the START of Next Class – Wed 10/28/15

  1. Create a 30i, DV NTSC project in Avid named lastnamefirstinitial_titles


  1. Create 3 sequences, 1-Photoshop, 2-Marquee Rotate, 3-Marquee Fly


  1. In the Photoshop sequence, go to Photoshop and create new title set to DV NTSC (720×480), with a transparent background. Type one word with the following: Arial Black Font, Size 60, white or yellow Letters, Black 3-pixel stroke on the outside of the letters, black drop shadow set to 100 opacity and spread to 0, size to 4, distance to 5.


  1. Save the Photoshop file as PSD Import and import the Photoshop file into Avid


  1. Import any video into Avid using AMA link and place 10 seconds of it onto the Photoshop sequence timeline and place the title over the video.


  1. Watch the 3D titles in marquee movie and copy the technique into your Marquee Rotate sequence


  1. Watch the Flying Titles in Marquee movie and copy the technique into your Marquee Fly sequence.


  1. Zip the project file and email me the project file and your PSD Import Photoshop file


By JamesReidVanVoris

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